Want to be a Feature Artist in 2017?

Be our next featured Pole Dancing Artist

As a Pole Log 2017 artist you will receive the following:

• 1 Feature page in Pole Log 2017 including full page image and a short profile
• 1 watermarked each week in your featured month
• Images captured at our "PoleLog 2017 Professional Photo Shoot in your city
• 5 professional images of our choice in high quality digital format for your own personal and promotional use
• 1 copy of Pole Log 2017
• 1 Pole Log 2017 Featured Artist Tank Top

All we ask from you:

• Please make yourself available for the Pole Log 2017 Professional Photo Shoot in your city (plenty of notice will be given so you can organize your schedule)
• Leading into your featured month you put together a post for our featured artists blog
• A minimum of 5 posts on each Facebook and Instgram, sharing details about Pole Log 2017
• Throughout the year, try to tag Pole Log in your training videos and images so we can keep track of how your training is going

Who can be a Pole Log Featured artist?

The title of a Pole Log 2017 featured artist is open to ANY Australian pole performer, or team of performers (yes, you can be featured with your doubles partner or team!). There are no requirements for the amount of training you have or how many titles you have won. We are excited to feature up-and-coming talent right next to Australian champions.

Still keen?